What is my book about?

Ah, what a great question. As you know, I wrote a book in ten days. It almost drove me mad, totally fine with it. I let it sit in all its first draft glory and decided that it was worth fixing. So I queued up my music and got to typing again.

So, what is it about?

Here are some quotes of things I have written during my first round rewrite:

  • “M’lady, my best friend and I are in need of a third to join our quest through senior year history. Would you be so kind as to take a plunge into the depths of mediocrity with us?”
  • “You’re kind of a badass.”
    “I just march to the beat of my own drum.” She offered me her loose headphone and handed me her iPod.
    Blink-182. She’s Out Of Her Mind.
    I looked back up at her and she just laughed and winked at me.
  • “My favorite rumor is that you made a deal with the devil and lost your soul so you could be good at volleyball.”
  • Shit.
  • “You know, your house doesn’t have doorknobs.”
  • “Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!”
  • “How dare you disrespect your husband with that hair, young lady. You should be ashamed.”

Good luck figuring it out.


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