Special Shoutout

This post is a special shoutout to my players!

When I told them about my crazy ideas after finishing my first draft (to edit and one day publish), they were so excited. I think it was fun to let them in a little bit to my life away from the softball field. Well, of course, they demanded that they would be the first to read the book so I had better be prepared to share it with them.

Then when I informed them that I “scrapped” the first draft because it was terrible, they were shocked. But, not to worry, it was still an excellent framework that launched a significantly better second draft (or first complete rewrite).

Every day they would ask how it was going, where I was at, and finally I got to tell them that I had completed the ending of the book. Once again, they asked when they were going to get to read it. “You better have this done so I can read it over Christmas break!” Yikes, that deadline seems so close.

But I think the best part is more than just their encouragement and inspiration through the whole process. They have become my sounding board for ideas. Every once in a while I will drop a hint about some portion of the book or a character and I always get their feedback. I think almost all of them will have contributed in some way to a piece of this book which is a super fun thing for me to say.

I have my cheering squad, I have my ideas squad, I have my “your next book should be…” squad, and another squad trying to get me thinking about a memoir of some sort. I even have a new go-to for some evil ideas (some of my characters need some nefarious plans (for the second book) that I haven’t quite hammered out). Overall, it has just been wonderful to have them as resources throughout the writing process.

So THANK YOU to my players for their awesome support! I’m working my hardest to get you something fairly clean and polished before Christmas break. For now, you only get the teasers (though I did give one pitching group a big reveal yesterday).

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