It all started with one word: Permission.

Permission grew from 1K to 10K to 50K. And then it started over again at 0. Now permission has turned into my first book… and the beginning of a second.

Over the last two months, I challenged myself to step out of my comfort zone. I gave myself permission to write something terrible and crappy. Because once it was created, I could make it better. You can’t edit a blank page.

That one word turned into an exciting new adventure, self-discovery, and an incredible learning experience.

#NaNoWriMo is… a chance to push the boundaries and limits of my mind. To grow and learn and become a better writer by eliminating the stress of perfectionism.

When that word finally became part of my everyday writing life, I stopped caring about those nagging thoughts in my head. I didn’t write a sentence and question every word in it. I stopped worrying about what this person or that person would think about how I wrote a scene or character.

Permission wasn’t just for the writing, permission was for myself. I was allowed to feel and write, unobstructed, a story that was meant for me. Sure, I hope other people will one day read it and enjoy it and feel it. But in the end, it’s a story that I love and that’s enough.

I can proudly say I wrote a novel.

And November is almost here. National Novel Writing Month, I’m coming at you with book number two (or maybe book number three if I keep up with my current pace).

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