NaNoWriMo Day 3

Word count: 10767

Feelings: I spent the entire day working and in every spare moment, I was typing furiously on my phone notes to get my word count over 10K.

Status: Still no plot. Still have feelings. Trying to find a way to rip the hearts out of my characters and send them on a tumultuous journey. Also, in my efforts to spend every down second on my phone so I could keep writing words, my phone died on two separate occasions. Just a reference, typically my phone never gets below 65% battery on ANY given day.

Current mood: Frustration. I didn’t bring my laptop on this trip (because it is big and difficult to lug around) and my hand hurts from writing and my eyes hurt from staring at my small screen.

Fun story: well, fun for you. I planned on getting up at 5am (as I usually do) so I could write before I left for the day. Well, brain fogged LJ from yesterday forgot that her Fitbit didn’t switch from central to eastern time so I actually got up at 6am. Didn’t get as much writing in this morning as I hoped but with the time change tomorrow I’m going to definitely get some more in!

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