NaNoWriMo Day 5

Word count: 16641

Feelings: Like I finally defeated a demon inside me. I walked away this morning with barely 500 words after two hours of work. By the time I am writing this post, I’ve added just over 4K on the day. #excitement

Status: Okay, I don’t think there’s a “plot” so to speak but I definitely have a few fun scenes starting to build in my head. I know kind of what I want to start to happen but I don’t know how to actually get my characters there. I’m stopping tonight even though I know what scene comes next. I’m hoping that when I start to write it tomorrow I will get into a good flow and more words will grow out of it. Maybe even a real plot.

Current mood: Relieved. I hit a lull this weekend after a full day of work and travel (hence skipping a day 4 update that was anticlimactic). I was ready to get back to the story. Then, this morning, I sat and stared at the screen for an hour before I actually typed anything. The lull wasn’t just because I couldn’t work all day on my story, the lull was the story. But I got the chunk of words going when I decided to add some fun action-ish scenes and progress the story with some humor.

Writing tip: Want to work out but feel like that hour of time could be spent multi-tasking? Well, self-care is important between all those sugary, caffeinated drinks I’m consuming throughout the day but I hate getting torn away from writing. What if an idea comes in the middle of running? What else am I supposed to think about when I’m dying on the stairmaster? There’s too much bouncing on an elliptical so I can’t ever think straight. The answer? STATIONARY BIKE. I sat there for an hour and burned over 600 calories, sweat my ass off, and still wrote 600+ words on my tiny ass phone screen. Perfect distraction from dying and also the strange looks I get when I laugh or act out certain faces as I think about how my characters would react in dialogue tags. It’s fine. I’m not crazy.


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