How It Feels To Finish a Novel

So, I finished NaNoWriMo on the 10th (as in, I made it to 50K words) and officially wrote the ending that I felt comfortable with this morning. The book sits at 87K without any revisions or additional scenes where I’ve given space to add them.

This is the second book I’ve written this year. Each one I completed brought a mix of emotions that are super fantastic but also really messy. In the 24 hours after completing both of my novels, these are the emotions I’ve felt.

  1. Happiness – Like, ecstatic joy. I wrote words and they tell a story in a way only I can share. I set a goal, I crushed that goal, and I now have two novels.
  2. Excitement – I texted EVERYONE the minute I finished the last word. I made my parents Skype me just so I could be giddy and excited with them.
  3. Sadness – It hit me that now I don’t have a book to be writing. Sure, I’m still messing around with these two, editing and such, but I’m no longer writing new material for them.
  4. Wrecked – That’s right, I emotionally wrecked myself with this novel. I wrote a scene that tore me to shreds. My heart ached and I legitimately sobbed… and it was AWESOME. The emotions and feelings I poured into that scene, including the following scenes, absolutely destroyed me and I would do it all over again. It was so fascinating to see how those words came out, the emotions I could convey, and how much my writing improved during that time. I learned something new about myself and my writing and that was absolutely thrilling.
  5. Pride – Yes! I’m proud of myself. I completed something that not many people can say they’ve done. Writing these stories have helped me explore something truly wonderful. I’ve developed my talents and I’m stretching my comfort zone.

The real question is, what comes next? Without something new to type or focus my free time on, I have only one thing left to do.

Let’s start a new novel.

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