Write the story you would want to read

Writing my first two books, while they might have started off being difficult, came rather naturally. The story was already inside me, brewing for some time. The first book was all about creating characters that actually had some depth besides what I had drafted in my head. The second book had characters but no story line. That’s where NaNoWriMo was my friend. I kept typing and typing, moving my story forward, until suddenly I had an event which caused another event and then, gasp, I knew where I wanted to go with the book.

For my third book, I gave myself a challenge. I dug around the interwebs for ideas because I didn’t have anything. There were essentially two things I wanted this book to start with: (1) a title and (2) a third person, introspective narrative. From there, the rest was completely up in the air.

Well, I found a title. Then I wrote a chapter. I loved it. It was deep, it was emotional, it took forever to write, but it was exactly what I wanted. It started something new for me.

I’ve always been inspired by books that dive into deep character thought and conflict. There are so many books where I read a line and literally have to put the book down and take a breath because suddenly the author has just stabbed me in the emotional gut. That’s not a bad thing, it’s something that I need in a story for me to truly connect.

There are some books I read purely for fun and for enjoyment. Those were (essentially) the first two books I wrote, sprinkled with a little internal conflict that couldn’t fully be explored in those stories.

But the books that resonate with me, stay with me, are the ones that I come across a line and truly feel like someone understands me. And that’s exactly what I set out to write.

I’m not trying to say that I am solely writing this book so that there is one line that will forever remain quoted by everyone who reads it. I understand that not everyone will like what I write. But my hope is that someone out there will find my combination of words just as inspiring as some of the ones I’ve read before.

Because the words I’m writing are part of a story that I would want to read. It doesn’t matter to me if no one ever picks up this book. I am writing a story that I need. Maybe someone out there will feel that way too.


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