Health Comes First

I won’t be the first to say that sometimes I’m not very good at this.

Writing is not the priority in my life right now. That’s not to say I don’t hold it in high regard, because I make time to write for at least thirty minutes every day, but right now, there are a lot of things that have to be completed first. Work, for starters, requires my full attention (because I want to have money so I can eat, travel, and write). School is a priority too – getting that second degree so I can open up more options for my future career(s) (because I want to have money so I can eat, travel, and write).

Health is also a priority but sometimes I don’t pay attention to it. I’m talking about those days where I really should be focusing on my health but everything sorta just makes its way to the top of my list… because I let it.

I make an effort to do some sort of physical activity – walking, running, biking, lifting – at least five times a week for 30 minutes.

When it comes to my actual health, though, I find it often gets pushed to the backburner. For me, headaches/migraines plague my (nearly) everyday. Usually, I can load up on caffeine and Excedrin and muddle through my day. Besides, I still have work and school that requires my attention.

Yesterday morning, I woke up with a pretty darn bad headache. I forced myself through the day and tried to sleep it off by going to bed early. Well, this morning I woke up to a migraine (nausea, pain, dizziness, etc.). I was lucky that it only lasted four hours before turning into a dull headache. It was just now that I realized something.

After nearly four months of writing every day, I didn’t write yesterday. My train of consecutive writing days was ruined. Normally, something like this would have devastated me (I’m very OCD about stuff like this). But I realized something else.

If I had tried to write yesterday, I would never have made it. I would have been miserable and knowing myself, I probably would have made things worse for myself today.

Sometimes, it’s okay to take a break. I still don’t feel great today but I’m writing this post because it’s something I feel strongly about. I’m not great at giving myself the space I need to refresh and reset.

It’s possible I don’t get to writing anything else today. Sure, that’s a little upsetting, but health comes first. Sometimes we all need that reminder that it’s okay to take a day away. My journal will still be here tomorrow (and so will my three other notebooks). My computer will still be here tomorrow.

Right now, a dark room and listening to the rain is my priority.


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