I am a published author

I pulled the trigger. After a lot of deliberation, hesitation, and overall anxiety, I finally decided that I wanted to share my work with the world. Soul Forgotten is a published work.

My brand new novel is out in the world. The first book that I wrote. The first book that I edited and poured my heart and soul into. The first of many.

Ladies and gentlemen, you can buy my book on Amazon in print or e-book.

Soul Forgotten by Laura Winter

Soul Forgotten introduces us to Clara and Nate. Clara is desperately trying to put together a past she can’t remember while balancing mind reading powers and mysterious voices in her head that don’t come from the people around her. Nate, on the other hand, is perfectly content hiding his powers and blending in with the world, not really caring how or when his powers came about. But when the mysterious Blue Star power source connects the two, they have to solve Clara’s past, and the history of their powers, to keep the future from coming true.

Enjoy this small excerpt from the first chapter and go support me by purchasing the book on Amazon! Who knows, maybe I’ll get around to editing book 2 while you’re busy reading so you won’t have to wait long for the second installment in this series.

Is this what death was? Complete numbness swallowed by blinding white light? How could this have happened?

It wasn’t silence ringing in my ears; it was an actual ringing, loud and high pitched. As it slowly faded, so did the numbness and light. That’s good, I wasn’t actually dead.

Even through the blurring, I could see I was outside. I stared up at the night sky and took a breath that burned my throat and lungs, leaving a residual taste in my mouth that felt familiar. Had I been screaming?

The more the trees in my peripheral came into focus, the more I started to panic. Things should have been coming back to me, things like why my body had gone numb, why I was outside and screaming, and why I couldn’t remember my own name. Who doesn’t remember their own name?

I closed my eyes and forced a breath. The more my panic built, the less focus I’d have to figure out what the hell was going on. Starting with my senses, I put the scene together.

I knew the metallic taste must have been from screaming. The smell outside was a mixture of fresh air and sweat. Okay, the sweat was me. Was that from the muggy heat or something else? If my legs felt sore just laying here, had I been running?

Stop asking questions, start with the facts.

I turned my attention back to what I could feel. The grass was short underneath me as I started to wiggle my fingers. I already knew my legs were tired, but now I could feel the sting in my left arm, throbbing with each pound of pain from my headache. It was time to move back to sight.

My arm was heavy as I reached up into the sky. If the moon hadn’t been so bright, I would have attributed the sight as a trick from the night. But this wasn’t a trick.

Blood, a lot of blood, was running down my forearm and dripping from my elbow onto my clothes and the grass. The headache must have been messing with my head. The sticky mess seemed too dark, even in the night, but it was probably because I had never seen so much before. Well, I was just guessing since I still couldn’t figure out why my memories were still missing.

I fought to shove the questions out of my already pounding head, taking most of my energy just to keep from shaking. I had to keep working my way up to the answers, but it wasn’t going to help if I couldn’t keep myself under control. With a few breaths to build confidence, I sat up off the ground to get a better look around me.

Things just kept getting worse. I ignored the backpack sitting next to me because not ten feet away was a man’s body. His jeans were ripped and his body contorted in a limp pile. There was a brief moment of relief that washed over me before I realized what that meant. I was relieved he was dead. I was thankful to watch the blood pool from his head and seep into the cracks in the rock underneath him.

What kind of person was I? Was I running with him? Was I running from him? Was I chasing him?

Had I killed him?

Hope you’ll want to keep reading!



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