Music and My Book

After a few months of having my book out on Amazon, it’s time to remind people to go and buy their copy if they haven’t already. I’ve got the e-book version and the physical copy available. Bonus, if you buy the physical copy, you get the e-book for free! So you don’t have to wait those (ugh) two days for prime shipping to deliver your reading experience.

Even better is this bonus blog post for those of you who haven’t opened the book yet or aren’t quite sure they want to just yet.

So, music is pretty awesome. So awesome, in fact, I decided to incorporate it into my book.

“How do you incorporate music into a book that is definitely not a music player?”

Well, sadly the dollars you pay for my book doesn’t include a music player, but I do want to explain why I included songs and artists into my book.

I really wanted to try something new for my first book – something like bringing a music, emotional, and interactive experience into the reading. So, I include the songs not just as word fillers but as emotional ties to the chapters and scenes they are written in to.

Yes, every song integrated into my book means something specific and was THE EXACT SONG I WAS LISTENING TO WHILE WRITING THE SCENE. I hope that when people read along, they will find the time to pull up the song to get the full effect of what the scene meant to me.

It was not easy to do this. On several occasions I spent more hours finding the perfect song to fit the emotions. On many more occasions, I knew exactly what song I was going to include and just went with it.

Of course, none of this would be possible (and music wouldn’t have been included) if my best friend Madeline hadn’t texted me while reading one of the first drafts. In the message was a song that she had attributed to one of my characters. It was her brilliant idea that led me to incorporate the single-mentioned songs in my book.

So here is a thank you to her and to all the musical artists who inspired scenes in a now published book.


  1. formerdramaqueen

    Oh my. I want to be able to publish my own book. I’ve been a ghost writer and have written so much for other people, but I cannot seem to finish the book I’ve been writing. Maybe one day. Is it easy to publish on Amazon?


    1. The Winter Writer

      It is really straightforward! Everything was pretty simple to understand and they walk you through the steps. I’m going to use their create software next time I publish so the ebook is a little more organized. It seems very easy to use and understand!


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