New Year, New Goals, New Writing

Happy New Year!

As always, January 1 brings in a new year full of new goals and habits to kickstart the “new year, new you” trend. We declare our intentions and drive forward with enthusiasm.

I’ve personally been working on my goals since the end of November. It allowed me to test out a few of the challenges before adjusting them. Don’t worry if you didn’t plan them out, there’s still time to do it!

Why You Should Start Your 2020 Resolutions Now

One of my resolutions has been to start the 52-week writing challenge because I want to make 2020 my writing year. The rules are simple — write one new post a week.

Now, that doesn’t seem so bad, right? Most of us on Medium or our blogs like to write once a day or once every few days. Makes this challenge seem simple.

There’s nothing wrong with a simple goal. What this challenge does is help create consistency, and there’s nothing wrong with giving yourself a win. In fact, that kind of win in your life could inspire you to go on and complete bigger challenges.

To prepare, I actually created an editorial calendar (more on that in a later post). Planning out my week and having a pre-set list of topics to talk about was an easy way to establish my outline. This way, when the week rolls along and I inevitably put off writing something until the last minute, I don’t have to scramble for a topic. If things go well, I can change those topics to be more relevant to things happening in the writing community.

The great thing about the 52-week writing challenge is that it can apply to nearly every piece of writing. You can make it a goal to write one new thing a week. Or maybe write one chapter a week. Or write one short story a week. The possibilities are endless! Maybe you even choose to do a different style 52-week challenge.

Will you join me in this writing challenge? Sign up for my newsletter for insights into my challenge and other writing goals I have set up for 2020. 

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