Hobbies for Couples

January is National Hobby Month and what better way to celebrate than with a hobby for two? Hobbies are great for relieving stress, stretching your creativity, learning new skills, and developing bonds with others. Not only can you find creatives who also participate in your hobby, you can also develop that bond with your significant other.

Starting a hobby as a couple not only gives you something to do together, you can learn things about the other person as well. Some hobbies are better done alone, but here are a few you can pick up with your partner to help you grow together.


Think about taking a ceramics or pottery class together. Not only will you get to spend quality time together and learn something new, you can walk away (hopefully) with an item that you can use. Be that a flower pot you can see in your entryway, a mug that either of you use, or just a weird looking dish that holds fruit, the item will remind you of time spent together and you’ll get some use out of it.


It seems that wine and painting nights have taken the world by storm. Consider signing up for a class you would enjoy! Follow the instructions or make a complete mess of the painting and enjoy some quality time with your partner. You might walk away with some new art for your walls or a good laugh. Either way, you’ll explore your creative muscle with your bestie.


Sure, it might turn into an Instagram-worthy post, but go out and explore some photography. See what sort of pictures your significant other always wanted to take, dress up and do a photoshoot, take silly photos of each other, or use it as an opportunity to go out and see a new place. Pair it with a different activity and get the most fun out of it.

Learn an instrument

Have you ever wanted to learn how to play the piano or drums? What about your partner? Consider renting (or buying, if you’re really committed) an instrument that you’ve always wanted to learn. Make a band and find new ways to explore or develop your talents and skills, or just use it as experience.

Outdoor activities

Consider picking up an outdoor activity. Not only are you getting to spend time with your partner, you’re also getting active and spending time outside. Consider your options such as water activities (jet ski, surf, wakeboard, swim, kayak), snow activities (snowboard, ski, build snowmen), and other nature things (camp, hike, trail run, bird watch).

Cooking or baking

If you are looking to extend your skills in the kitchen, take up a cooking class or just find recipes on Pinterest for trying. You’ll save money by staying in and cooking and you’ll likely find healthier ways to make your favorite recipes. Maybe you’ll even find a new one that you love.


While the act of reading is best done alone, you can consider making your own mini book club or using road trips to read out loud. My boyfriend and I have used several road trips to read books out loud to each other (pending car sickness) and we can always discuss things as they happen in the book. It’s a great way to explore new perspectives and ideas.


Consider a do it yourself project around the home. Maybe you want to take up gardening, build a table, or craft something else that would be useful around the home. Try to go beyond the Ikea build and start from scratch, or if you think your relationship can survive Ikea instructions, find a way to combine their furniture or use it for other purposes around the house.

Hobbies are already great, but getting to experience them with the person you love can help build your bond and help you learn how your partner acts in new situations. You’re not only growing your creative muscle, you’re growing your relationship. Use that time to get to know your partner better, and find ways to make it fun together.

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