Things to Add to Your Self Care Routine

Yesterday I shared quotes to remind yourself about why self care matters. We have to be able to fill ourselves up before we can give anything to others, and it’s important that we know how to fill ourselves.

Some strategies work while others won’t, and it varies by person. So, consider adding some of these things to your self care routine to see what works best

Bubble bath

Today is actually national bubble bath day, so of course we have to honor it with the ultimate self care routine. Set a warm bath, gather candles, get your favorite book, and settle in. Bubble baths have been a staple self care act because you can sit and relax for however long you want. Turn off the world and let yourself be calm. If you like baths but don’t want the bubble, consider a bath bomb or some epsom salts for relaxing.

Silence notifications

Often we allow our routines to be sidetracked by pinging notifications. If you want a successful routine, free yourself of distractions. Turn off your notifications, silence your devices, and actually immerse yourself in the routine. You can always deal with the notifications after your allotted time, but for now actually enjoy the silence and the time to be with your thoughts.


Speaking of taking the time to be with your thoughts, why don’t you sit down and meditate? If you have a minute or ten or thirty, sit down with yourself and let your mind relax. You can count your breaths or you can take the time to sort through your thoughts. Try to sit without doing anything but thinking, even if you’re organizing all your ideas. Take the moment to categorize and be with yourself.


We all know that activity is important, so think about how you can add some movement to your day. Walk around your neighborhood, the office parking lot, or take your bathroom break upstairs. Use moments of movement to recover from your task and reset before you have to get back to work.


When we are trying to fit self care into our schedule, we often try to cram as much care as we can into our evening. Honestly, that’s even more stressful than our normal day! Don’t forget that sleep counts as self care. When we are running around from the minute we wake to the minute our head hits the pillow, we forget how important sleep is to our wellbeing. Instead of cramming yet another self care habit into our day, prioritize sleep.


Clutter is the physical manifestation of what is happening in our heads. No, cleaning your entire house isn’t going to fix everything going on in your mind, but it will create space so you can worry about less. Declutter the space you spend the most time in first and see what that does for you. Create an environment you can breathe in and you’ll have a better look at what you really need to focus on.


Even if you don’t pick one of the self care things in this list, make sure you schedule time for it. Often, we put ourselves on the backburner to help others. The point of self care is prioritizing ourselves so we can have more to offer others. So, schedule self care into your routine. Maybe you decide every night from 8–8:30 will be your self care time, or 20 minutes during your day and 20 minutes at night. Whatever you choose, set your intention by scheduling it — and don’t cancel! If you have it built in to your schedule, you’re less likely to skip it.

In the end, self care is about doing what you want — about what makes you feel good. For some that might be a bubble bath, and for others it might be exercise. Either way, set your intention by scheduling the habit or routine and do what works for you, regardless of what others think. The more you establish your habits, the better people will understand your needs and give you the space to care for yourself.

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