Low Cost Hobbies to Help Discover Yourself

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There are tons of benefits to having hobbies in your life. They are a great stress reliever, give you a much needed break from work, and can bring you happiness. Having a hobby outside of work can really change your energy levels. You can practice creativity, lower stress, and reduce your chances of burnout.

Having a hobby is also a great way to discover yourself. You never know what you are capable of if you don’t try it. Hell, writing for me started as a hobby before I realized how passionate I was for it. As someone who felt like they lacked creativity, writing helped me explore my talents and passions and learn more about myself.

The funny thing is, most of us are hesitant to commit to a hobby when we aren’t sure if it’s something we want to do for a long time. There might be financial resources we have to invest, time we aren’t sure we want to give up, and we might be afraid of failure.

If you aren’t sure what hobby niche you might want to pursue, low cost hobbies are a great place to start. Here are a few that will help you discover yourself without the financial burden.


I’d assume if you’re reading this, you already write. However, this might be your extra push to branch out and try something new. Write in a new genre, pick up journaling, take a stab at poetry, or create something uniquely you. You never know what you might discover about yourself while you write. It doesn’t even have to be personal writing to inspire you. Maybe you discover a hidden talent while trying something new.

Whatever you are reading this article on has a writing application you can use for free (Notes, email drafts, Google Drive, blog, etc.). There are so many platforms you can use for free to start writing. Go for it.


You don’t have to have a fancy camera to pick up photography. Do I need to repeat myself? I’m betting the phone you use has a camera and I’m betting you use it. Why not look into some other free articles to learn how to take better photos with your phone? Maybe you have a knack for spotting the perfect angle or framing the perfect shot. You never know until you try.

Even better, there are a million photo editing applications you can use for free. Photo editing might be your strong suit. Discover new ways to display the same photo and do a series.


Most people have paper and a pen or pencil lying around to start drawing. It doesn’t have to be fancy at first, maybe just practice some doodles. Use those doodles to design your new bullet journal or decorate cards for others. Follow YouTube tutorials and finally learn to draw a realistic cat. Maybe you can figure out how to design your own book cover when you become a famous author.


I’m going to guess you already make meals, but why not make a hobby out of it? Test out new recipes, add your own ingredients, create your own masterpiece, and learn to explore your tastes. If you have fun, create your own food blog and share your talents with others. There’s nothing more rewarding than giving back to others, even if just in the value of a meal.

Watch movies or documentaries

Documentaries are great because not only will you learn something, you can discover new ideas or find new interests. If you mooch off someone’s Netflix, this is free, but there are also cheap subscription services to catch up on your movies.

You can also find a friend and try to watch all the best (or worst) movies out there and “live tweet” your experience. Buzzfeed does this often, with writers documenting their reactions to the movies as they watch them. It’s fun and you can bond with someone and learn about them as well.

Find music

Besides dealing with a few ads, there are tons of free music services you can listen to and find new music. You can even create your own playlists and categorize them based on moods, activities, or make the ultimate playlist for a friend. When you shuffle the radio, you might come across new genres or new artists you might not have otherwise found.

Find community events

There are always things going on around town that you can attend for free. Sometimes libraries will hold free events, communities or businesses will host free concerts, or schools will host fun classes. Look into local cooking classes, wine and paint nights, or dancing classes.


While you’re at the library, pick up a few of those books you’ve been hearing about from friends. Look into new genres, judge books by their covers, judge other books by their synopsis, or just pick a book at random. You might even pick up some books on hobbies and get more information before you commit to something.


You don’t have to start your own, but you can listen to the library. Most people post their podcast for free and use a subscription service for exclusive content if you like following them. Still, you can learn new things, listen to stories, or just listen to some people talk for a few minutes to an hour.


See if you can upcycle some of your old items or find thrift items to turn into home projects. Use old Legos to build a pencil cup, create wall art with the corks or caps of your bottles, or find other DIY projects you already have the supplies for. This can stretch your creativity in new ways and help you find new crafty projects to complete around your home. The bonus? The result will probably serve a purpose in the end.

Starting a hobby doesn’t have to be a huge financial investment, especially when you aren’t sure if it’s the thing for you. In the route to finding your new hobby, you’re bound to discover new things about your creativity, your skills, and yourself. Find new ways to learn about yourself and relieve your stress in the process.

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  1. Stuart Danker

    Yes! A lot of people think that just because they can’t draw a lifelike portrait means it’s not really a hobby. What’s more important is the flexing of the creativity muscles while sucking, rather than thinking you can be good right off the bat. Thanks for sharing this!

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