Pre-Order My Newest Novel – Soul Remembered

I might have accidentally published the paperback yesterday, but I meant to do this next part! You can now pre-order my second novel as an ebook!!!!

I’m so pumped to continue this series. If you enjoyed Soul Forgotten, just wait until you find out what I did to my characters in Soul Remembered. Don’t even get me started on the third book.

When you pre-order, it tells Amazon that more people are interested in this book, which means they do a better job promoting it. Pre-orders count toward the first-week sales, which directly affects where the book is placed on the hierarchy of other books in the category. It really helps me out to get in front of more faces!

Also, you’ll get a cheaper price on the book because I love you and I’m thankful for your support.

Be sure to catch up before May 1!

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