Why Choose a Life Coach Over Self-Improvement Articles and Books

I used to be in the same boat as you. I hoarded self-improvement articles, I downloaded ebooks and purchased shelves upon shelves of books that guaranteed a life change. But each book told the same story with slightly different language. There was a purpose in all of the work, and it was still valuable, but books and articles only get you so far.

Books and articles are the first step

Books and articles are generalized enough to reach a wide audience. I know because I write them too. While they can change your life, the purpose is to push you to question your methods and get you to start thinking about changing your life. I don’t write them thinking that after reading the article your life will suddenly be 100% cured and you’ll be passionate and productive instantly. I write them to get you thinking. I write them to make you question your methods and search for new ways to cope or manage your productivity. I write to inspire you to cultivate new passions and find purpose in your life. Life coaching takes that, and you, to the next level.

Individualized help

Life coaching is individualized. While books and articles are generalized information to reach a wide audience, life coaching from a coach means they are interacting and co-creating a plan specific to you. You aren’t going to get cookie cutter responses but rather a unique and actionable set of strategies to improve your life. While there is a structure that life coaches provide you, they also make sure the steps you take are going to drive your progress. While starting a morning routine habit might be beneficial for person A, person B might need an entirely new approach. A life coach works with you to proactively co-create tools that will help you succeed.

Life coaches go deeper and provide a personalized connection with you. These aren’t going to be a bunch of things to adopt and forget about in the future. The life coach will take you step by step, encourage you, motivate and challenge you to improve, and develop individual strategies so you can succeed.

How to work with a coach

Let me ask you this: are you hoarding self-improvement articles and making a change, only to fall off the wagon later? Are the steps not really getting you to where you want (or better – need) to be? Are you making or pursuing the right goals?

I’ll help you get clear on all of that. My purpose as your life coach is to work with you, not give you generalized advice. I want to dig into the roots of your productivity challenges and help you cultivate a passion versus continually watch you follow one that doesn’t quite fit. I’ll be here to motivate you, empower you, cheer you on, and challenge you to beat your obstacles. Let’s talk about how I can help you discover yourself. Start with a free introductory call and let’s work together to create your opportunities.


  1. Nicolas Kimaz

    You can handle the negative emotions up-to some extent. After that it become difficult and can lead to many problems in your life.

    I agree with you that “Life coaches go deeper and provide a personalized connection with you.” Thanks for the useful post.

    Liked by 1 person

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