How I Wrote Every Day for a Month

This post was originally published on Medium and my coaching website.

Last month, I performed an experiment on myself.

You see, I have this goal to make 2020 my writing year. That goal might seem a little vague at first glance, but let me tell you how awesome it really is.

With an overarching yearly goal, I’m able to create smaller goals within. My first experiment, or habit if you prefer, was writing on Medium. There were no rules or guidelines except that I had to write and post on Medium on each weekday in January. Weekends were reserved for writing on other projects.

So how was I able to write every day last month? By investing in myself. If you want to get closer to your goals, you have to learn how to invest in yourself. Here’s how I was able to write every day last month.

Set goals

Not only did I have a yearly and monthly goal, I also had daily goals. I challenged myself to finish research and write a post before I left for work. I looked up topics that I hadn’t thought about writing in before. I did my best to work ahead and leave time for editing and reflection before publishing posts.

I also made goals outside writing on Medium, some of which came to fruition later in the month.

Find challenges

Not only did I challenge myself by finding enough topics to write about during the month, I also challenged myself to fight my fears. I’ve always wanted to find a new way to help people, so my challenge was finding the best course of action to do so. I also found challenges outside my comfort zone like socializing more and being active by taking over my writing group.

Let go

I’ve fought hard over the years to let go of worry, but especially the worry surrounding other people’s opinions. I decided to take on a project that I knew would get some pushback from people close to me. It was something that I had been working on in the back of my head for some time, and something I had built from Medium, and I finally decided to follow it. Instead of worrying about what people would think, I went ahead and created the project. Sure, there was still pushback, but because I believed in the project and what I was creating, I didn’t let them get me down. I was able to keep writing with excitement and passion.

1–50 rule

The rule states that you should go after any project you can launch in one day and deliver 50% of the results immediately. Well, I had an idea, but I was hesitant to start because it wasn’t 100% complete. This rule gave me the confidence to start my coaching business. With so much to do, I always had some writing thing I could work on. And with a new idea, I was always inspired to accomplish the next task.

Start a side business

One way I wanted to invest in myself was starting my own business while I still had a stable job to support me. I’ve been writing for some time now, and while it gives me value and hopefully gives others value, I wanted to find a new way to share my love for good habits, productive lives, and passion. The 1–50 rule was the kickstart I needed. I built the platform I needed and started writing.

Manage time

Having a set goal and an end point that needs to be reached helps me figure out how to best manage my time. Usually I’ll spend meaningless minutes on social media and Netflix, but with goals and a business to run, I’m spending those spare minutes on things that matter. My free moments are used on writing, planning, arranging, and researching how I can set myself up for success.


I’ve always been invested in my education, but now that I’m out of school, I can invest in an education of individual things I love. I’ve bought books, read articles, listened to podcasts, subscribed to valuable newsletters, and invested in topics that help me grow as an individual. I’m constantly looking to learn new things and advance in everything I do. Applying all that information into my writing has helped me stay focused and inspired daily.


If you want to find success, invest in yourself. Find ways to grow as an individual. Approach your world with curiosity. Set goals within goals and take action. Find methods to beat procrastination and fear so you can start your life right. One day or day one, you decide.

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      I typically post to Medium first, simply because I get paid to write and get views there. I’ll post here a few days later for anyone who wants to read my articles but doesn’t have a medium account. Since my coaching website is new, I’ll try to post the most relevant productivity and passion articles there.

      It helps that I can reach a wide audience. This site has a different set of followers than on Medium and my website!

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