The 5 Best Blogs to Inspire You to Change Your Life

I’m always in search of the next piece of inspirational content. I love finding people who love sharing value as much as I do. Learning from others who share their wealth of knowledge and experience is one of my favorite reading habits. When you build connection, share your insight, and inspire others, you’re creating value. If you’re looking for some life-changing inspiration, here are the five that have become part of my daily reading.

Zen Habits

One of my favorite things to do is dig through the Zen Habits archive to find relevant resources for myself. It seems whenever I hit an obstacle in my life, Leo Babauta is there with some awesome tips to help clear the clutter and focus on simplicity and mindfulness. It’s with his inspiration that I’ve cleared some additional clutter, learned how to prioritize, and found a passion for creating! Each post is clear, informative, and insanely useful in our daily lives. Plus, who doesn’t love the simple layout of his site?

Becoming Minimalist

Yes, minimalism is a lifestyle I’ve chosen to live, and no it’s not for everyone. However, if you really want to get clear on your purpose and cultivate passion, Becoming Minimalist is where you start. His posts on minimalism are honest, insightful, and inspiring. Joshua Becker is there to walk you through the busyness of your life and take you on a journey of less stuff and less stress. Live a more fulfilling life with guidance from the best.

Exile Lifestyle

Yes, another minimalist. Colin Wright has a broad range of experience… because he lived it. Packing only what would fit in a carry on, Colin started his journey by having his followers vote on where he would live for the next several months. While he’s done a lot of different things, he focuses on writing and sharing knowledge through several different avenues. I encourage you to sign up for his newsletters (yes, there are several), but definitely learn new things from his blog. Each week, he posts on a different topic and shares some really great information and perspectives that you probably never considered before.


You may know Headspace as the meditation app, but did you know they also have an amazing resource on their blog? Even if meditation isn’t your style, their blog is a gathering of experts who share their insight on living a more mindful and peaceful life. There are resources on meditation, living, health, sports, work, and more.

The Minimalists

My final and favorite minimalist kickstarter is with The Minimalists. They were the first source I found for minimalism and hold a special place in my heart. When I first started my journey, I collected every piece of their writing and every podcast they recorded. I’m still a supporter of their work two years after discovering them. They have some really amazing resources on their blog, specifically on getting clear with your values and passions. They go beyond the purging of your excess and instead focus on living a meaningful life with less. Learn how to take back control of your life and start cultivating your passions!

So, if you’re looking for inspiration in all the wrong places, these five blogs are a great resource to turn your life around. These are my favorite sources, and a great look into what inspired me to be here today as a published author, writer, coach, creator, and minimalist. We create our own opportunities, but it sure helps to get some inspiration along the way.

Even better, I’m hoping to turn my website into a top 5 space as well! See what I’m up to over on and find some great productivity and passion inspiration.

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