The Practice of Going With the Flow

The world is in panic. Everyone has found their normal routine has been thrown off course. It’s new, it’s scary, and it’s hard to get a grip on the ‘new normal’, especially when the new normal is negative news.

But that’s where the community has stepped up. There’s an overwhelming support system growing online as people try to fight back with positive messages. Introverts are sharing how to manage social distancing, creatives are spreading positivity through their work, and artists are finding new ways to share their work and spread love.

Some, though, aren’t able to respond in the same way. Forced creativity often stagnates people who are normally free-flowing. The guilt of having time but not producing work is crushing others.

People respond in different ways, and that’s no reason to feel guilty, ashamed, or disappointed.

In the midst of a crisis, priorities change, mindsets shift, and routines are jumbled.

As someone who loves structure, I’ve had a hard time adjusting to the changes. While I continue to go to work (pharma is an essential business), other things in my life have been challenged. But instead of letting this wear on me, I’ve made a conscious decision to use this time to practice something I’m not very good at.

Going with the flow.

Instead of thinking of this time as a source of anxiety and panic, I’ve tried to be mindful of my perspective on the situation. I could get flustered and overwhelmed with the changes, but they are out of my control.

Instead, I’m practicing adapting to change.

I’m letting my creativity ebb and flow with what it wants. I’ve found a decrease in my creativity surrounding blogs and articles but I’m experiencing a spike in my novel-writing creativity. Instead of forcing work on one area, or trying to keep the same amount of time dedicated to each activity, I’m giving myself permission to focus where my heart (and creativity) wants to be.

And with the change, it’s an even better time to take a look at my goals. I’ve reassessed my three-month plan to better fit a goal that can be done during this time of uncertainty. I don’t have to force a goal that fits under previous routines but can adapt and move forward with one that better fits our current situation.

Take a look back at your goals and creativity and give yourself permission to go with the flow. View it as a practice for adapting to change. Quiet your anxiety by allowing yourself to try new things.

It’s not easy, and your previous habits are going to fight back. Now it’s time to turn to the community. Use others as a source of inspiration rather than a comparison. Let others provide your inspiration, motivation, ideas, or just stress-relief.

You don’t have to create anything if you’re not in the mindset, but I think now is a great time to reflect and see where your heart can settle. It’s going to be different, and it’s extremely uncomfortable trying new things, but sitting in the practice of adapting to change will help you grow later.

Need some extra motivation or resources? I offer a free introductory coaching session to help you find some creativity or passion. Or if you need a distraction, I’ve moved up the release of my second book Soul Remembered to keep you occupied.

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