Read My First Novel FREE

I’m so excited to give you all an inside look at my writing and share some awesome things with you. While you can still support me by purchasing my books on Amazon, I wanted to give readers a way to access my books for free and offer a few awesome goodies along with those chapters.

Starting May 5, I’ll be releasing Soul Forgotten chapters once a week.

Chapters will always be free but I’m also excited to give you guys a chance to support my work so I can keep bringing you awesome novels and inside looks. Here’s how you can participate:


ALWAYS FREE: I’m posting one chapter a week of an already published novel. It’s free for everyone to see and will always remain so.

PATRON ACCESS: Your support means the world and helps me keep writing! The first level tier will give you access to my commentary on the chapter released. So read the chapter before listening to me talk about it! You’ll get inside scoop on the process for writing it, deleted scenes, and some fun stories behind those chapters!

ALL-ACCESS PATRON: The second level tier gives you the same access as above but you’ll also get access to my current works in progress every other week. Plus I’ll give you bonus commentary on the chapters and WIP every other week.

VIP PATRON: I want to connect with you! This third level tier will have access to everything above as well as access to an AMA video. I’ll ask you throughout the month for your feedback and share a monthly livestream video answering your questions and giving you exclusive looks into my work. As a thank you for your support, at initial signup, I’ll give you access to one already published novel and if you remain a VIP patron, I’ll share each new novel I publish with you when they are released.

Stay tuned. Chapter 1 of Soul Forgotten will be released May 5!

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