Short Stories and Creative Life

Today is day two of my creative life and I’m on a roll. I was able to accomplish a week’s worth of material yesterday and today is going to be just as successful.

I was so thrilled to finally sit down and plot a 12 book series that has been rolling around in my head for some time. There’s world building, sun and moon gods, peace and war, and some new lands.

In fact, I was so excited to get started on this series, I wrote a short story about it. And I’m giving it away for free.

You can get the link to that story by joining my Made With Caffeine newsletter. It’s going to have fun stuff about the creative life, my work as a fiction and non-fiction writer, and probably some puppy details since my husband and I just got one (his name is Mando).

So, if you want a FREE STORY and a look into what I’m working on, sign up!

I already have some great posts up about my pre-order novel If Found, Do Not Return. It’s a great story about feeling lost in this world and trying to make an adventure for yourself. I think you’ll really connect.

What sort of things do you want to know about starting the full time creative life? Let me know!

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