Announcement: Read for Free and Support an Indie Author

Hello my lovely readers. I made an announcement on Patreon today and I think it’s worth sharing here.

For those who don’t know, I’ve started writing full-time and I’m just wrapping up my first week of it. I’m so excited to be on this journey and get going on some really awesome material.

That also means my income strategies need to change.

As an author, driving sales on Amazon is a huge resource for me. Kindle Unlimited (KU), if you are unaware, is a way for authors to publish their works and get royalties based on pages read on ebook copies. The only caveat for authors is that your book cannot be digitally published elsewhere (Amazon wants the exclusive rights) in any amount over 10% of the novel.

Of course, I’m over here [on Patreon] releasing chapters of Soul Forgotten for free.

Currently, I’m below the 10% threshold but I’m close to passing it… which means my strategy has to change.

I want to keep providing you all with these great resources and a chance to read this story but I’ve had to do a lot of researching and switching to figure out how I can make this work.

First, I’m going to explain the new tier structure as if you’re currently a free reader. Patrons, stay tuned.

I just want to read for free!

Me too… I have so many books on my list. 

A girl’s gotta eat somehow, though.

Still, I believe so much in this book that I’m willing to share it with you for free. Unfortunately, I can’t do that through Patreon (see above KU explanation).

Here’s what I’ll do for you. If you head over to my newsletter and join my tribe, I’ll email you the ebook of Soul Forgotten via Amazon. It’s completely free for you. I’m really hoping that in return you can:

A) review/share my book. This helps me get in front of more people. Give an honest review, share on Goodreads, send it out on Facebook… all of these things are incredibly helpful.

B) buy a future book. The second book in the series is already out (Soul Remembered). I’d love it if you kept reading. Again, reviews and shares here are much appreciated.

I want to read and support you on Patreon!

Thank you so much. Here’s where the new tier structure comes into play because I want to give you a little extra incentive to join me here. These prices are per month and you must remain a patron to get the continued benefits.

$1 – I’ll send you the eBook link for Soul Forgotten via Amazon, just like above. Then, every week I’ll release a commentary episode on the next chapter. You’ll have access to all the past archives of the commentary episodes plus an RSS feed so you’ll get them uploaded to your favorite podcast app without any effort on your part.

$3 – You’ll get the ebook link via Amazon and have access to all the commentary episodes, just like above. For this tier, I’ll also throw in ALL FUTURE EBOOKS. That’s a big deal because I have one coming out at the end of this month and you’ll get the third Soul book when it releases. Plus I’ll give some cool videos/photos of the writing life that you’re supporting.

$4 – For just an extra dollar a month, I’ll send you ebook links for BOTH Soul Forgotten and Soul Remembered plus you’ll get all future ebooks for free. Again, that’s a great deal because I have a lot of stuff ready to come out. I’ll even give you WIP looks so you can see what I’m getting ready to release!

$6 – How would you like to have a physical copy of Soul Forgotten? I’ve got you covered. You can get SF as a paperback PLUS physical copies of all future published books. You’ll still get commentary, inside looks, WIP, as well as a page thanking you in the next published novel.

$10 – You should probably collect the physical copies of the Soul Series so at this level, I’ll send you physical copies of both Soul Forgotten and Soul Remembered. You’ll also get physical copies of all future books, access to commentary, inside looks, WIP, a page thanking you in the next novel, AND you can come on to be a podcast guest on a future chapter.

I’m already a patron! Now what?

You’re already set! Everyone has been sent their reward for the previous tier structure and will actually be getting a better deal moving forward. No more waiting each week for a new chapter. You can read ahead and then relive all your favorite moments every week as I release commentary! Plus you get some awesome books as they get released.


I understand change is scary and I’m trying to help you guys out as much as possible. This structure is really going to help me out and I’m really thankful for all your support. 

Please feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions about what will happen moving forward. While this helps me out tremendously, I am ultimately here to give you a great experience and provide value.

Thank you!!

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