Summer Reading

I am so thrilled to announce some great changes around here! First, I’m starting an author blog. For those interested in my work as an author, head to my new Substack blog and catch up on my writing life.

YOU GET A FREE EBOOK OF SOUL FORGOTTEN JUST FOR JOINING THAT TRIBE. If you’re into YA, fantasy, sci-fi… you’ll love this adventure. I’ll also throw in some other goodies so check that out!

I also changed some stuff around on Patreon and made the benefits SO MUCH BETTER. You can get a lot of really cool things like free books (yes, plural!) and get every newly published book for free while supporting me on Patreon. 
Your next summer reads: pass the time before IFDNR comes out on June 30!
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What happens when you inadvertently become L.A’s hottest new “It Girl”?

Chey’s about to find out, for better or for worse.

And unfortunately, it’s likely going to get worse.

A lot worse.

She didn’t mean to get more attention than her movie star father, end up in her first paparazzi chase or end up dating the stereotypical Hollywood bad boy, with the super crazy ex-girlfriend.

But now she’s living in her own personal version of Mean Girls and the clock is ticking.Will Chey survive one CRUEL SUMMER?

Perfect for fans of Mean Girls and Meg Cabot.
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There’s more than lies in a reflection… Amid secrets and rumours, follow twins Brittany and Charli Matthews as they fight inner demons, dividing them, in the hell that is high school. At a party, Brittany gets her first taste of popularity and befriends the queen bees. Her obsession with her dream boy intensifies, but as they get closer, he seems to be holding secrets of his own. When Charli is at a party, uninvited guests cause her to doubt the boyfriend she trusted. Charli focuses on her studies, but she overdoes it and loses who she is. Charli must drop her single-minded approach if she wants to keep her loved ones close. “A rollercoaster rider of emotions!” In A Mirror is a dramatic Australian beach read, the first book in a coming-of-age series, perfect for all lovers of contemporary young adult fiction. This book is your next guilty pleasure; full of teen angst, giddy romance, and tragic heartbreak.

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