Soul Obscured – Now Available for Preorder

I wanted to drop in quickly and let you know that my newest novel, the third in the Soul Series, is now available for preorder!

The last three quiet years were too good to be true as a new enemy organization emerges. After a shocking betrayal and alliance with Apex, Nate and Finnley are separated and forced to deal with the ramifications of losing their Blue Soul connection. As Finnley’s supernova abilities become more unpredictable and her behavior turns erratic, she’s forced into a role she never wanted to play. But is there something worse going on that could bring it all crumbling to the ground?

You can also catch the first two novels in this series on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.

Book 1 – Soul Forgotten

After waking up in a clearing with no memories and a dead body, Clara attempts to piece together her past with the help of Nate and Glitch. Between balancing powers, headaches, and a mysterious Blue Star, the three friends struggle to keep hope alive as more of Clara’s past is revealed.

Book 2 – Soul Remembered

Recovering from her death and still missing memories, Clara attempts to return to a somewhat normal life. In an attempt to distance themselves from powers, Nate, Clara, and Glitch find new friendships and prepare for their future. But when a new power source is discovered, they come face to face with a terrifying and unassuming enemy. With the Cold Soul missing and memories of Finnley returned, they find themselves in an entirely new struggle for control of their lives. The group of friends set out in search of a beacon to help them locate the missing Cold Soul before it can be released again.

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