A Journey to 20 Self-Published Books

At the end of May 2020, I took a huge leap of faith and turned in my 2-week’s notice. A lot of people questioned my choice to leave in the middle of an uncertain period of time in life but I had a plan.

Become a full-time writer and make a living.

Some of you might laugh at that thought — how can a self-published nobody make a living from writing?

But I have a secret skill. I never go into anything without a plan, even if it’s crazy. That plan was writing enough books during my time at home to start making ‘passive’ income on Amazon — daily ebook, paperback, or Kindle Unlimited reads.

I have my writing group friends to thank for the initial push. One member suggested the Facebook group 20BooksTo50K as a resource for ideas, motivation, and marketing information for indie authors. The concept is simple: if you have 20 books published, each making $7.50 a day, you can make $50K+ a year.

The execution is far from simple.

Many authors are lucky and have a runaway hit, only needing five or so books to make their living. Others go beyond the 20 books and still don’t make it to that number.

Still, you have to be extremely disciplined to make those books hit the sweet spot. Which means you have to write the books that make an impact on readers. It’s not about churning out 20 low quality books but rather writing something well and targeting it the right way. It’s putting the book readers want to read directly in their hands.

Writing 20 books is more than just writing 20 books. It’s strategy. It’s strong habits, writing often and quickly, marketing, studying, learning, and growing. It’s so much fun.

So that’s where I’m headed. I want 20 (or more) books to my name (or pen name). I want to write the stories that others are dying to read. I want to write the stories that want to read.

Currently I have seven titles published — three novels, one novelette, and three short stories. One full-length is almost done. I have a ten-book series planned. This is my next step.

You can follow my journey by joining my tribe or supporting my work on Patreon. You can also read my titles over on Amazon here and here (pen name).

A short, steamy Alpha Cowboy and Feisty Woman Western Romance

She is the beauty. He is the beast.
She wants to know love. He does not want love.
She lives her life in the dark. He wants to spend the rest of his life in the dark. 

Christian Carter gets himself a wife of convenience. A woman who cannot see who he is. But, Jenna Shaw is someone he never imagined.

Together, will they find the happiness that could bring them to light?
Find out! 
A product of a holiday romance, Ingrid is not planning to have one. She travels from Finland to New Zealand with one goal – to find her father, a mystery man her mother met on Waihi Beach twenty-four years ago. But, locating a man she only knows the first name of, is no easy feat. Nor is traveling on a budget, sharing a sleeper van with a strange German girl, or scoring a job in a cafe with zero barista skills. And the hardest of all feats is resisting the charms of the gorgeous barista, Declan. A law student from a wealthy family, Declan struggles with his ‘white privilege’. Attracting beautiful women is far too easy, and nobody seems to move the needle for him. Determined to prove he’s not just a pretty face, Declan sets out to help his awkward friend Kurt to win over the cute Finnish girl he has a crush on. He can be a good friend. He can let this one go. Or, can he? From the coffee culture to Kiwi style flirting, everything In New Zealand is new and exciting. It’s going to be summer, and Christmas, to remember. A feel-good, sweet rom-com set against the dreamy, silvery backdrop of New Zealand East Coast.
There’s one main rule to follow at Wardoff Academy:
Shifters and witches don’t mix.

That becomes a problem the moment I accidentally land on the shifter side of the barrier and onto the radar of four hot alpha male werewolves.
I am the talk of my small witch community after I get accepted to the Wardoff Academy, originally founded by a witch I happened to be named after. And ever since then, I have been haunted by dreams of her past, when she and her star-crossed lover, a shifter, met a tragic end. The end that set up the years of hatred between witches and shifters.
But something pulls me to the four devilishly handsome werewolves on the other side of the academy, and I can’t stay away. And there’s a chance my dreams and these shifters may be connected, so I just hope I don’t get caught and ruin everything I worked so hard for.
Monique thought her life was perfectly normal. That was up until she started to experience traumatic dreams. She chose to seclude herself from everyone. Especially her ex-fiance.
Roman has a deep love for Monique and won’t let her go so quickly. He steps up to help her overcome her newfound abilities. Trouble isn’t far behind, though, as Monique finds herself in a tough situation. Can Monique learn to adapt, or will she suffer the devastating consequences?
The visions begin on Terran’s seventeenth birthday. Horrifying images pummel her brain, while a voice commands her to see beyond the world she thought she knew and into the heart of it. Gaia has awakened, brought to consciousness by the greed of a species that has tainted every aspect of her being in a tide of indifference. With this awareness, comes rage. Gaia calls upon her children to unleash her fury, wreaking vengeance on humanity. 

Terran will emerge in a world on the brink of collapse, to face a being whose wrath is beyond imagining. 

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