Confessions of a Writing Addict

Hey everyone! I have a brand new podcast coming at you! I’m looking forward to sharing some great things with you along the way.

This week on Confessions of a Writing Addict, I update you on word counts, short stories, published novels, and my NaNoWriMo novel (which you can read for free over on Wattpad). In fun news, my 10 year old computer went kaputz this weekend so I’m managing on my backup tech which thankfully still works. I also talk about passion projects, how mine has really helped me survive some crazy times, and how imperfection is beautiful to share.

My writer confessions: the muddy middle and my inner critic decided to show up at the same time! I’ll let you know how I’m staying accountable and pushing through.

Links: Website | Patreon | Books | Wattpad | Newsletter

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