I don’t believe that you have one passion in life, rather, a plethora of opportunities to cultivate those passions.

I love candles, but I wouldn’t say I’ve turned it into a passion (more of just an obsessive collection). I don’t sit around learning how to make my own scents or whatever else goes into candle-making. I leave that to the people who actually want to do that and I’ll keep supporting the business.

I enjoy softball, so for 20 years, I cultivated that passion. I not only played in college, I played professionally for three years. I even coached for five years at the college level.

I didn’t know about writing (minus papers throughout my academic career) until recently. I tried it, I loved it, and now I’m cultivating that passion. Learning, growing, trying again, failing, trying again, succeeding…

Since August 2018, I have jumped right in to the world of writing novels. Initially inspired by seeing the NaNoWriMo challenge, I decided to test it out. It went… really well. Then I did it again in the actual month of Novembertwice. Now, I’m working on the edits of the first book Update: I published my first book while simultaneously pounding the keys for the fourth.

Write the book that you want to read. I’ve been able to sift through my head and get these three novels completed because they’ve been clawing at the inside of my skull for who knows how long. I incorporate love, superpowers, mental health, humor, deep thought, and more, all because those are the sorts of things that live in my headspace. In my reading experience, I have struggled to find books that accurately depict mental health (in my opinion) so that was one of my biggest inspirations for writing out of my comfort zone for my third book.

In the meantime, I continue to write, challenge myself with contests out of my comfort zone, learn, and blog. I’ve launched my own coaching program called One:Thirty Habit over on Patreon. I’d love to get your support and you can have some help developing habits!

When I’m not sitting at my computer or scribbling in one of seven (or more) notebooks, you’ll find me in the office doing my next favorite thing – writing social media, blog, and other copy for my job as a marketing coordinator.

I have a BS in IT Management from The University of Notre Dame followed by my MSIS and MBA from Murray State University. I work for a pharmaceutical company doing awesome stuff like graphic design, writing, editing, podcasting, and more!

I live life as a minimalist, in my home (minus notebooks and candles) and socially, as a cat lady and as an old fart.

-Laura Winter

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