Meet The Winter Writer

I’ve been writing novels since 2018, when I first discovered NaNoWriMo and challenged myself to something new. I did a trial run, dominated it in ten days, then just kept writing. I started publishing in 2019 and by the end of 2020 I will have 14 published titles.

I always believe in writing the book you want to read. That’s why all my books will feature a badass female character and some awesome action. You can check out the following resources to find all the things I write.

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Soul Forgotten (Soul Series Book 1) | Soul Remembered (Soul Series Book 2) | Soul Obscured (Soul Series Book 3)

If Found, Do Not Return

The Shadowed Assassin (Short Story)

Warrior Series (10 books from 09/20 – 03/21)


Passion Planner

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I’m always writing, but when I’m not, I’m thinking about it or trying to help someone accomplish their self-publishing dreams.

I have a BS in IT Management from The University of Notre Dame followed by my MSIS and MBA from Murray State University. I work for a pharmaceutical company doing awesome stuff like graphic design, writing, editing, podcasting, and more!

I live life as a minimalist cat lady with my wonderful husband.

-Laura Winter

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